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  • Solo SapiensSolo SapiensSolo Sapiens was founded by listening to the voices of backpackers who travel the world. The gears are planned based on the actual experience of the founder who once traveled alone around the world. The brand's mission is to solve various frustrations of long-term travel and help people gain a deeper travel experience.
    Solo Sapiens STONE CHAIR
    Solo Sapiens


    This chair gets me stoned…!!

    This hammock chair is designed for swinging and relaxing. It is equipped with a footrest and is foldable for carrying.

    Regular Price ¥19,800
    Solo Sapiens PaQmo
    Solo Sapiens


    Compress in seconds! Pack More‼

    Ultra-lightweight & high-capacity travel garment compression bag to reduce the weight of your bag.

    Regular Price ¥3,280
    Solo Sapiens ZaBlu
    Solo Sapiens


    One-person laundry that can be carried around the world

    This laundry bag can be used to wash clothes anywhere, and is a must-have for international travel.

    Regular Price ¥4,280
  • LesovikLESOVIKLesovik is an outdoor manufacturer from Poland. Founded by an up-and-coming young designer, the company manufactures ingenious gear for a more comfortable outdoor experience. Their hammocks are particularly highly regarded. They have won awards in Europe for their high functionality, quality and design.
    Lesovik DRAKA


    Flagship model of LESOVIK hammock

    High performance all-in-one type hammock with mosquito net.

    Regular Price ¥32,800
    Lesovik HEKSA


    Hexagonal tarp with simple design

    A lightweight, highly functional tarp with minimalist and intuitive setup.

    Regular Price ¥24,800
    Lesovik GROZA


    Traditional square tarp

    A lightweight, highly functional tarp with high versatility and ease of use.

    Regular Price ¥24,800
  • Tiny Headed KingdomTINY HEADED KINGDOMThe Tiny Head Kingdom is a series of US character products with a tagline of "TINY HEADS, BIG HEARTS". These plush toys are very popular all over the world because of their impactful heads and the comfort feel of hugging.
    Pip L size, 15 inch

    PIP The Bear, 15inch L size

    Sweet little bear who loves to hug

    Fluffy, soft, and guaranteed to give you a lifetime of hugs, it's your new best friend

    Regular Price ¥11,000