Expand the world

Earthnium Co., Ltd. is a coined word from "Earth" and "Nium".

As a trading company, Earthnium Co., Ltd. imports and exports products from all over the world, and also plans, manufactures, and sells original products.

Our mission is to build a prosperous future for people around the world by bringing truly good products to the market.

Earthnium's solutions for tomorrow


We import and sell products with superior outdoor brands in Europe and the United States. We also focus on creating market trends by discovering and developing excellent brands that are not well known in Japan.


We mainly develop original products for travel and leisure goods as the original brand “Solo Sapiens”. Our strength is the ability of planning. We take on the challenge of selling new and functional products. We respond to the needs of the users with direct communication.


We import directly from overseas and sell items that enrich our lives; toys, board games, eSports hardwares, hobby goods, and daily sundries. In particular, we introduce and propose popular products such as board games made in Germany, and game controllers made in the U.S. to the Japanese market.


We are aiming to develop our business by utilizing our related chemical plant in the biomass-chemical field. We are engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale, and import/export of chemicals, cosmetics, and other products that contribute to the sustainability of the Earth.l contribute to the sustainability of the earth.

Our brands

  • DD HammocksThe products of DD Hammock, a Scottish company known for its military hammocks, have gained popularity among campers for their tough construction and high quality. As well as hammocks and tarps, we offer a full lineup of related items.
  • LesovikThe Polish outdoor manufacturer, Lesovik, has won awards all over Europe for its high functionality, quality and design. Earthnium is a pioneer in introducing its hammocks and other core products to the Japanese market.
  • RohnerRohner is a manufacturer of climbers' socks that has been in business for 90 years. The company is an official partner of the Swiss Alpine Club, which is the largest membership organization in Switzerland. They have won many awards and are the No.1 brand in Europe, and Earthnium is the only company in Japan that sells their products.
  • Solo SapiensEarthnium's original brand, "Solo Sapiens," was created by listening to the voices of backpackers traveling the world. It was planned based on the actual experience of the founder who once traveled alone around the world. We are developing high performance travel and outdoor products that meet both quality and price requirements.
  • addiAddi is a German brand known for its stainless steel knitting needle plug-in system, addiClick. All products are carefully finished by craftsmen in Germany. Earthnium introduces and sells high quality and innovative products to Japanese knitters.
  • SCUF GamingThe controller brand of choice for over 90% of FPS professional gamers is Scaf from the US. While the e-sports market is rapidly expanding, Earthnium is delivering products customized to meet the needs of gamers in Japan.
  • Tiny Headed KingdomThe Tiny Head Kingdom is a series of US character products with a tagline of "TINY HEADS, BIG HEARTS". Earthnium sells these popular and impactful plush toys to the Japan market.
  • Pegasus SpielePegasus Spiele is one of the most popular manufacturers in Germany, where it is said that board game culture is integrated into German everyday life. Earthnium has ordered many games that are popular in Japan, such as "Hopp Hopp Häschen".
  • Steamforged GamesSteamforge is an US company that produces TRPG board games for popular video games such as "Dark Souls'' and "Resident Evil''. Earthnium imports products that expand the world of games in a variety of ways to fans in Japan.